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2017 Spring Conference

List of Participants :

    Currently 6 Speakers and Posters out of 9 Participants

Speakers :

   Bok Jik Lee (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering)
  Numerical Osher method for Euler equations with nonlinear equation of states (BP)
             (with E. F. Toro, C. E. Castro)
   Chae, Sanghyun (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Rotorcraft Research Team)
  Multi-Resolution Analysis for Efficient Implicit Temporal Integration (BP)
             (with Kang Hyungmin, Oh Sejong, Yee Kwanjung)
   Jeon, Junkee (Seoul National University, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
  Horizon Effect on Portfolio Selection with Consumption Ratcheting (BP)
             (with Hyeng Keun Koo, Yong Hyun Shin)
   Kim, Yoora (University of Ulsan, Department of Mathematics)
  Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Opinion Spread over Evolving Social Networks (BP)
             (with Irem Koprulu and Ness B. Shroff)
   Park, Donghun (Pusan National University, Aerospace Engineering)
  Introduction on Study of Boundary Layer Instability and Its Applications (BP)
   Park, Soo Hyung (Konkuk University, Aerospace Information Engineering)
  A low-diffusion WENO scheme for unsteady transonic flows (BP)
             (with Chae, Mingie)

Posters :

Participants : Speakers and Posters excluded

   Cho, Durkbin (Dongguk University, Mathematics)
   Eunok Jung (건국대학교, 수학과)
   Hyeong-Ohk Bae (Ajou University, Financial Engineering)