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2017 Spring Conference

Special Session Speakers :

    Applied algebraic geometry: organizer, 곽시종, 한강진
    Inverse problems and metamaterials: organizer, 이현대
    Mathematical biology: organizer, 이창형
    Mathematical fluid mechanics and related topics: organizer, 배형옥
    Mathematical modeling with nonlinear stochastic phenomena in the financial markets: organizer, 윤지훈
    Recent research activities on CFD scheme and their application : aeronautical engineering: organizer, 이관중
   Chae, Sanghyun (Rotorcraft Research Team, Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
  Multi-Resolution Analysis for Efficient Implicit Temporal Integration
            (with Kang Hyungmin, Oh Sejong, Yee Kwanjung)

   Bok Jik Lee (School of Mechanical Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
  Numerical Osher method for Euler equations with nonlinear equation of states
            (with E. F. Toro, C. E. Castro)

   Park, Soo Hyung (Aerospace Information Engineering, Konkuk University)
  A low-diffusion WENO scheme for unsteady transonic flows
            (with Chae, Mingie)

   Park, Donghun (Aerospace Engineering, Pusan National University)
  Introduction on Study of Boundary Layer Instability and Its Applications

    Stochastic modeling and analysis: organizer, 황강욱