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2017 Annual Meeting

List of Participants :

    Currently 90 Speakers and Posters out of 146 Participants

Speakers :

   Ahn, Jaewook (Yosei University, Computational Science & Engineering )
             (with Choi, Jung-Il, Kang, Kyungkeun)
   Ahn, Seryoong (한국주택금융공사, 주택금융연구원)
  주택금융공사 MBS 콜옵션 가치평가에 대한 이해 (BP)
             (with 윤지훈, 송완영)
   Ahn, Young Joon (Chosun University, Mathematics Education)
  Approximation of geodesic curve on ellipsoid by biellipse (BP)
   Bongsoo Jang (울산과학기술원/코어닷투데이, 수리과학)
  인공지능 법률서비스 (BP)
             (with 김경훈, 오슬기)
   Byungjoon Lee (Seoul National University, Department of mathematical sciences)
  A Stability-guaranteed method for Solving the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with variable Density and Viscosity (BP)
             (with Chohong Min)
   Cho, Giphil (Pusan National University, Finance Fishery Manufacture Industrial Mathematics)
  해양 수산 연구에 대한 수학자의 역할 (BP)
             (with 정일효)
   Cho, Gook Hwa (Ewha Womans University, Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
  Improvement of Sedjelmaci’s Extended GCD Algorithm with Short Coefficient Vector (BP)
             (with Hyang-Sook Lee, Seongan Lim)
   Choi, Hyung Jun (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Liberal Arts)
  The Fourier finite element method for the corner singularity expansion of the Heat equation (BP)
             (with Kweon, Jae Ryong)
   Choi, Yongho (Korea University, Mathematics)
  Multigrid solution for the Cahn-Hilliard equation on nonuniform grids (BP)
             (with Darae Jeong, Junseok Kim)
   Doyeob Yeo (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Instit, KSB)
  Variational Shape Prior Segmentation With an Initial Curve Based on Image Registration Technique (BP)
             (with Chang-Ock Lee)
   Han, Joo Hyeong (POSTECH, Mathemtics)
  Interior discontinuity for a stationary compressible Stokes system with inflow datum (BP)
             (with Jae Ryong Kweon, Minje Park)
   Jeon, Junkee (Seoul National University, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
  Optimal surrender strategies for variable annuities with path-dependent guarantees. (BP)
             (with Minsuk Kwak)
   Jeong, Bora (Ewha Womans University, Department of Mathematics)
  An Experiment of the Malkus–Lorenz Waterwheel and Its Measurement by Image Processing (BP)
             (with 서지원, 민조홍)
   Jeong, Darae (Korea University, Mathematics)
  Efficient adaptive finite difference method for the crystal growth (BP)
             (with Junseok Kim)
   Joh, Young-Deuk (경기과학고등학교, Mathematics)
             (with 박원광)
   JONGHYUK BYUN (Pusan National University, mathematics, 수학과)
  Mathematical modeling to maximize tumor growth inhibition effect of antibody drug conjugates (BP)
   Jun, Doobae (Gyeongsang National University, Department of Mathematics)
  Closed-form Solutions for Options with Random Initiation under Asset Price Monitoring (BP)
             (with Hyejin Ku)
   Kang, Myeongmin ( Seoul National University, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
  The weighted nonlocal Laplacian method for image colorization (BP)
             (with Myungjoo Kang, Miyoun Jung)
   Kim, Byul Nim (Kyungpook National University(경북대학교), Institute for Mathematical Convergence (수리융)
  기상빅데이터 기반 최적제어 이론을 활용한 친환경 해충방제 기술 개발 (BP)
             (with 최일수)
   Kim, Do Wan (Inha University, Mathematics)
  Neumann boundary condition in Axial Green function Method (BP)
             (with Lee, Wanho and Kim, Hong-Kyu)
   Kim, Dohyun (Yonsei University, Department of Computational Science and Engineerin)
  Finite Element Methods for Wind-driven Large Scale Ocean Circulation with Spline Basis (BP)
             (with Tae-Yeon Kim, Eun-jae Park, Dong-wook Shin)
   Kim, Dojin (경북대학교, 수학과)
             (with Philsu Kim)
   Kim, Jae Kyoung (KAIST, Department of Matheamtical Sciences)
  Mathematical modeling and analysis for the mechanism underlying biological clocks (BP)
   Kim, Junseok (Korea University, Mathematics)
  Conservative Allen-Cahn-Navier-Stokes system for incompressible two-phase fluid flows (BP)
             (with Darae Jeong)
   Kim, Junwoo (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  Three-Dimensional Volume Reconstruction Using Two-Dimensional Parallel Slices (BP)
             (with Lee, Chang-Ock)
   Kim, Kwang-Yeon (Kangwon National University, Department of Mathematics)
  A Posteriori Error Estimators for Stabilized Finite Element Method of the Stokes Equations (BP)
   Kim, Philsu (경북대학교, 수학과)
             (with Dojin Kim)
   Kim, Sangil (한국외국어대학교, 환경학과)
  빅데이터 기반 한반도 주변해역의 종묘방류 어종의 생존율 및 분포 추정 수리모형 연구 (BP)
             (with 조양기, 정일효)
   Kim, Seonghak (Kyungpook National University, Mathematics)
  Two-phase solutions for one-dimensional non-convex elastodynamics (BP)
             (with Koh, Youngwoo)
   kim, Seungil (KyungHee University, Mathematics)
  Fractional Sobolev Spaces for the Neumann Laplacian and the vector Laplacian (BP)
   Kim, Sungchan (Pusan National University, Dept. of Mathematics)
  The Effects of Climate Changes on Anopheles sinensis Population Dynamics and Switching Vector Control Strategies in the Republic of Korea (BP)
             (with Il Hyo Jung)
   Kim, Yoora (University of Ulsan, Department of Mathematics)
  Delay Analysis of a Fair Scheduler in Wireless Networks: A Markov-modulated Bernoulli Process Based Approach (BP)
   Kwon In (KAIST, mathematical science)
  Discontinuous Bubble immersed finite element method for Poisson-Boltzmann equation and its applications (BP)
             (with Do Young Kwak)
   Kyunghoon Lee (Pusan National University, aerospace engineering)
  Statistical Hypothesis Testing of Augmented Hansel-Spittel Model Parameters] (BP)
             (with Beom-Soo Kang)
   Lee, Ho-Seok (Kwangwoon University, Department of Mathematics)
  Borrowing Constraints, Effective Flexibility in Labor Supply, and Portfolio Selection (BP)
             (with Gyoocheol Shim, Yong Hyun Shin)
   Lee, Hosoo (SungKyunkwan University, Mathematics)
  Polynomial regression on Riemannian manifolds (BP)
   Lee, Jae Hyoung (Pukyong National University, Department of Applied Mathematics)
  Solving fractional multiobjective programming with SOS-convex polynomials (BP)
             (with Liguo Jiao)
   Lee, Jonggul (Konkuk University, Department of Mathematics)
  The role of spatial heterogeneity and control measures in the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus 2016-2017 in Korea (BP)
             (with Youngsuk Ko, Junho Lee, and Eunok Jung)
   Lee, Seunggyu (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Division of Strategic Research)
  Effective time step of a convex splitting scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard equation (BP)
             (with Junseok Kim)
   Lee, Sukho (동서대학교 , 컴퓨터공학부)
  Nonlinear Approximation for RGBW Camera Sensor based Demosaicking (BP)
             (with 강문기, 오바울)
   Lee, Younhee (Chungnam National University, Department of Mathematics)
  Parametric calibration of local volatility with jump-diffusion models (BP)
             (with Kim, Namhyoung)
   Lim, Seongan  (Ewha Womans Univeristy, Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
  A public key substitution attack on a Signature Scheme based on LWE (BP)
             (with Lee, Hyang-Sook)
   Minsuk Kwak (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Department of Mathematics)
  Demand for Life Insurance of a Family with Working Couple (BP)
             (with Hyeng Keun Koo, Byung Hwa Lim)
   Mitsugu Hirasaka (Pusan national University, Department of Mathematics)
  Colored spaces with certain isometric sequences (BP)
             (with Masashi Shinohara)
   Muralitharan Krishnan (SungKyunkwan University, Mathematics)
  An Efficient Clustering with Sensing Radius Adjustment in Wireless Sensor Networks (BP)
             (with Sangwoon Yun, Yoonmo Jung)
   Pan, Xiaomin (Yonsei University, Dept. of Computational Science & Engineering)
  Fully Decoupled Monolithic Projection Method for Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems (BP)
             (with Lee, Changhoon, Choi Jung-Il)
   Park Jeong Rye (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
  A sharp spectral bound for the edge-connectivity of a simple regular graph (BP)
             (with Jongyook Park, Jong Yoon Hyun, Suil O, Hyonju Yu)
   Park, Boram  (Ajou University, Department of Mathematics)
             (with Shinya Fujita, Tadashi Sakuma)
   Park, Eun-Hee (Kangwon National University, School of General Studies)
  A DD Solver for Heterogeneous Elliptic Problems (BP)
             (with Susanne C. Brenner and Li-yeng Sung)
   Park, Jongho (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  A Conforming Discretization of the Dual Total Variation Minimization and Its Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods (BP)
             (with Lee, Chang-Ock)
   Park, Junpyo (UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  Basins of distinct attractors in the mobile extended rock-paper-scissors game (BP)
             (with Beomseok Kim)
   Park, Minje (POSTECH, Mathemtics)
  A modeling for compressible Stokes flows in the T-shaped polygonal cavity (BP)
             (with Jae Ryong Kweon)
   Piao, Xiangfan (Hannam University, Mathematics)
  $L$-stable third order scheme for guiding center problems (BP)
             (with Dojin Kim, Philsu Kim)
   Pyo, Jae-Hong (Kangwon National Uinversity, Mathematics)
  A finite element dual singular function method to solve the Stokes equations including corner singularities (BP)
   Roh, Kum Hwan (Hannam University, Mathematics)
  An Optimal Consumption and Investment Problem with Stochastic Hyperbolic Discounting (BP)
             (with Shin, Yong Hyun)
   Seo, Jong-Hyeon (Pusan National University, Finance Fishery Manufacture Industrial Mathematics)
  라벨 프린팅 공정 최적화 알고리즘 연구 (BP)
             (with hyeonni94)
   Seo, Jung Hee (POSTECH, Mathematics)
  A study for the Poisson equation with mixed boundary conditions on a cut rectangle (BP)
             (with Kweon, Jae Ryong)
   Shin, Dong-wook (Yonsei University, Center for Mathematical Analysis and Computation)
  Application of unsupervised learning to adaptive algorithms (BP)
             (with Eun-Jae Park, Yoongu Hwang)
   Shin, Jaemin (Ewha Womans University, Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
  Convex Splitting Runge-Kutta methods for gradient flows (BP)
             (with Hyun Geun Lee, June-Yub Lee)
   Shin, Jaemin (Yonsei University, Dept. of Computational Science & Engineering)
  A Space-time high-order discontinuous Galerkin method with Lagrange multiplier for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws (BP)
             (with Mi-Young Kim, Eun-Jae Park)
   Sunghwan Moon (Kyungpook National University, Department of Mathematics)
  Inversion of a conical Radon transform arising in an application of a Compton camera on the cylinder (BP)
             (with Markus Haltmeier)
   Sungwoon Kim (Sungkyunkwan University , Applied algebra and Optimization Research Center)
  Automatic chord estimation in harmonic analysis of music (BP)
             (with Seungyeon Cho, Sukjoon Hong)
   Veng Sotheara (The University of Suwon, Department of Economics and Finance)
  Nontrivial Credit Limits, Stochastic Income, and Consumption and Investment Decisions (BP)
             (with Seryoong Ahn, Kyoung Jin Choi, Hyeng Keun Koo)
   Veng Sotheara (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
             (with Ji-Hun Yoon)
   Yang, Hyoseon (Ewha W. University, Department of Mathematics)
  A family of nonlinear approximation schemes for piecewise smooth data (BP)
             (with Prof. Jungho Yoon)
   Yang, Jae Young (Anhui University, School of Mathematical Sciences)
  On the new clique number bound of an amply regular graph (BP)
             (with Jack Koolen)
   Yang, Rui (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
  Asymptotic behavior of solutions for a quasilinear parabolic equation with time-dependent coefficient source (BP)
   Yi, Ji Young (Korea University, Sejong, Applied Mathematical Sciences )
  Relaxation schemes for the Conservation Laws (BP)
             (with Woonjae Hwang)
   ZHAO, LINA (Yonsei University, Department of Computational Sience and Engineering)
  Robust a posteriori error estimation for convection dominant diffusion equations (BP)
             (with Eun-Jae Park)

Posters :

   Ahn, Keunhoi (Seoul National University, Computational Science and Technology)
  Applying Preprocessing Method to Accelerate Convergence of Deep Learning Model (POSTER)
             (with Han-Soo Choi and Myungjoo Kang)
   Choi, Han-Soo (Seoul National University, Computational Science and Technology)
  Quadratic Error Summation minimization for Triangular Planar Mesh Quality Improvement (POSTER)
             (with Myungjoo Kang)
   Hwang,Yoon-gu (연세대학교, 계산과학공학과)
  Feedback Control with SIR model (POSTER)
             (with 이지현, 권희대)
   Ibrahim, Malik Muhammad (Pusan National University, Mathematics )
  Mathematical Modeling and Analysis to prevent the vector borne disease through media awareness (POSTER)
             (with Il Hyo Jung)
   Ibrahim, Sheikh Mohd (Pusan National University, Department Of Mathematics)
  On The Maximum Modulus Of a Polynomial (POSTER)
   Jang, Junyoung (Yonsei University, Compuational Science and Engineering)
  Optimal Control of Spatial SIR Model using Penalty method and Genetic Algorithm (POSTER)
             (with Jeehyun Lee and Heedae Kwon)
   Jo, Gwanghyun (KAIST, Department of Mathematical Science)
  DB-IFEM for multiphase flows in heterogeneous porous media with discontinuous capillary pressure (POSTER)
             (with Kwak, Do Young)
   Jung, Woo-Sung (Korea University. Sejong, Applied Mathematical Sciences)
  Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Model (POSTER)
             (with Woonjae Hwang)
   Kim, Hyundong (Korea University, Department of Mathematics)
  Comparison of the Allen-Cahn and the Cahn-Hilliard equations for the different dynamics (POSTER)
             (with Yabao Li, Darae Jeong, Junseok Kim)
   Kim, Minhui (Korea University Sejong Campus, Division of Applied Mathematical Sciences)
  A multi-scale method for X-ray imaging (POSTER)
             (with Lee, Yeon Ju)
   Ko, Youngsuk (Konkuk Univ, Mathematics)
  Mathematical model of highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic 2016-2017 in Korea (POSTER)
             (with Jonggul Lee, Junho Lee, Eunok Jung)
   Lee, Yunjeong (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
  Parameter Analysis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Model (POSTER)
             (with Lee, Jeehyun and Kwon, Hee-Dae)
   Park (Ewha womans university, Mathematics)
  Three dimensional surface reconstruction from a single portrait based on supervised learning and optimization in Sobolev norm (POSTER)
             (with Yoonkyung Lee, Chohee Park, Seunghui Park, Chohong Min)
   Park, eon young (울산과학기술원, 수리과학)
  Word2Vec을 통한 유사 판례 검색 (POSTER)
             (with 김경훈, 장봉수)
   Pyo, Jae-Hong (Korea University, Department of Mathematics)
  Fast numerical method for medical image segmentation using the modified Cahn-Hilliard equation (POSTER)
             (with Junseok Kim)
   Raul Alegre (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
  A Machine Learning Based Parcellation of the Cerebral Cortex (POSTER)
   Seo, Hyun (Seoul National University, Computational Science and Technology)
  Reversing trick for yield prediction model based on deep learning (POSTER)
             (with Han-Soo Choi and Myungjoo Kang)
   Suh,jiyeon (Yonsei University, Computational Science & Engineering)
  The Cost-Effective of Preexposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention in Men Who Have Sex with Men (POSTER)
   SUN, XIANG (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
             (with Jinsoo PARK; Jung-Il CHOI; Gwang Hoon RHEE)
   Syed Muhammad Raza Shah Naqvi (Pusan National University, Department of mathematics)
  On conditioning of Yang-Baxter Equation (POSTER)
             (with Hyun-Min Kim)
   Yang, Junxiang (Korea University, Department of Mathematics)
  A nonlinear multigrid implementation for the two-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation (POSTER)

Participants : Speakers and Posters excluded

   Baek, Kyeong Ah (Yonsei University, Mathematics)
   Eunjung Lee (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
   Ha, Heonkyu (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
   Hong, Eunhye (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering )
   Jeehyun Lee (Yonsei University, Mathematics)
   Jeon Eun-Chan (Pusan National University, Mathematics)
   Jeon, Soomin (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Jeon, Youngmok (Ajou University, Mathematics)
   Jeong Yongdam (부산대학교, 수학과)
   Jeong, EuiMin (KAIST, Department of Mathematical Science)
   Jung, Eunok (Konkuk Univ., Mathematics)
   JUNG, IL HYO (Pusan National University, Mathematics)
   Jung, Miyoun (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Department of Mathematics)
   Jung, YoungHan (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Kang, Myungjoo (Seoul National University, Mathematical Sciences)
   Kim Donghyun (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
   Kim Jae Hong (수학과, 부산대학교)
   Kim, Hyun-Min (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
   Kim, Seong-eun (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Kim, Soyoung (Konkuk University, Mathematics)
   Kim, Yongsam (중앙대학교, 수학과)
   Kim,Keon Ho (UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Koh, Youngwoo (Kongju National University, Department of Mathematics Education)
   Kwon, Hee-Dae  (Inha University, Mathematics)
   Lee, Chang Hyeong (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
   Lee, Gyeongryeol (경기과학고, 1학년)
   Lee, June-Yub (Ewha womans University, Department of Mathematics)
   Lee, Seok-Min (Hongik University, Department of Liberal Arts)
   Lee, Seyeon (UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Lee, Yong Hun (Chonbuk National University, Mathematics)
   MENG JIE ( Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
   MENG JIE (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
   Min, Youngho (KyungHee University, Mathematics)
   Moon Taesung (수학과, 부산대학교)
   Na, Hyesun (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
   oh sung gwang (konkuk university, mathematics)
   Oh, Heeryung (Yonsei University, Mathematics)
   Oum, Sang-il (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Park, Jongyook (Wonkwang University, Division of Mathematics and Informational Statisti)
   Park, Tae Eon (POSTECH, 수학과)
   Park, Won-Kwang (Kookmin University, Information Security, Cryptology, and Mathematics)
   ROH YUN IL (수학과, 부산대학교)
   Seok, Jeongjoo (Yonsei University, Mathematics)
   Shin, SeongGeun (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Shin, You Jin (Yonsei University, Mathematics)
   Suh, Jiu (경기과학고, 1학년)
   Sukmoon Huh (Sungkynkwan University, Mathematics)
   Sung Moon Ko ((주)씨젠, 생명과학 제 1 연구소)
   Woonjae Hwang (Korea University, Sejong, Applied Mathematical Sciences)
   Yang, Seunghyun (Yonsei univ., Mathematics)
   Yoon Mo Jung (Sungkyunkwan University, Mathematics)
   Yoon Shinwon (Pusan National University, Department of Mathematics)
   Yoon, Ji-Hun (부산대학교, 수학과)
   Youngyong Park ((주)씨젠, 제1 연구소)
   YU, JIN KYU (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
   Yun, Sangwoon (Sungkyunkwan University, Mathematics Education)