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KSIAM 정기학술대회


  • Abstract Preparation:

    We will make a conference abstract online-book consisting of abstracts of to-be-spoken talks in advance. Every speaker should submit abstract in English or Korean ; 1 ~ 2 pages

  • Abstract Format:

    LaTeX, Msword(doc), Hwp(hangul) templates for extended abstract are provided below.
    You should use one of the following templates. If you have any problem with the files, please send an email to KSIAM. Please check the Latex template for how to generate a pdf file.

    Templates in English:
    pdf file(eng) and Ms-word template and Hangul(hwp) template and LaTeX template and LaTeX class file
    Templates in Korean:
    pdf file(한글) and Ms-word template and HWP template and LaTeX template and LaTeX class file
  • Abstract Upload:

    Every paper should be submitted in Portable Document Format (pdf).


    * Abstract Submission Due: 10/27

    * 사전등록 이후에 초록제출이 가능합니다.