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KSIAM 정기학술대회



Seung Jo Kim (President of KSIAM)     


The 2005 KSIAM Annual Meeting is held in the Muju resort which is one of representative mountain resort areas in Korea that spreads over 1,700 acres of land within Mt. Deokyu National Park.


In this meeting, we will have about 60 presentations including three Invited lectures. Professor George Sell of Minnesota University will give us deep mathematical insight on the climate modeling and two engineering professors, Kim and Park will talk about Voronoi diagram for solving the geometrical problems in biological systems and geometric perspective in Robotics. These talks will certainly bring us some realization of the close connection between the applied mathematics and the realistic science and engineering. I appreciate the invited speakers for their presentations. There are also two special sessions, “Nonlinear Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations and Control and its Applications” along with the general sessions. I hope you all come to the Muju resort and participate the rigorous presentations and the heated discussions on the variety of topics. There will be a banquet in the first day evening at the conference hotel, Tirol and the 2005 General Meeting in the second day noon. I hope every member join these ceremonies and enjoy the family-like environment.


One year has passed since the resurrection of Korea Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. In this first year as an integrated society, we have been concentrating our efforts on the system establishment as an academic society. Two semiannual conferences, one annual meeting, bimonthly executive meetings, and the editorial board meeting have been established.


Even though our society is going to settle down, I think a lot of challenges are ahead. Those will be the financial stability, increase of member population, diversification of discipline in KSIAM, and etc. I invite all of you to the growth of KSIAM.


I, again, welcome to the 2005 KSIAM annual meeting and appreciate your participation.