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KSIAM 정기학술대회


Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering are now widely accepted, along with theory and experiment, as a crucial tool of scientific investigation and engineering design. A wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automobile, biological, chemical, semiconductor, environmental engineering, sesmic exploration, entertainment areas, and IT now rely on mathematical theories and simulations for R&D and technical decision support.

KSIAM is conducting conferences to draw attention to broad range of mathematical theories/methods and computational efforts on problems arising from science and engineering. One of major aims of KSIAM's conferences is to provide opportunities for the development and encouragement of industrial, government and academic collaboration, and the training of the next generation of scientists in Korea.

All KSIAM members are invited to participate this meeting. Also scientists from industries, research institutes or academic institutes, domestic or abroad, and students interested in Industrial and Applied Mathematics are welcome. Your participation shall contribute to sharing research problems in industries and applied mathematics, and future collaborlation between applied mathematicians and scientists from various areas of industries and related research institutes.


  • Special Session Talks:

    If you are interested in contributing to special themes, please contact one of special session organizers managing the session you are interested in.
  • Contributed Talks:

    Contributions are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Every contributed talk will be scheduled for 20 minutes including questions and answers. 
  • Poster Presentations:

    Posters are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the title and abstract(1~2 pages).


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